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Day 2 and 3



So I got a little distracted with the riots in London as my older brother lives there and I have relatives working in the police there at the moment, tough times and disgusting crimes.


Quote for the day:

Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong. ~Peter T. Mcintyre

I'm having a break out at the moment I don't know if it's down to change with the EVOO or stress at work which I am having at the moment, or even just that it's been busy the last few days with more shows and really sweaty work.

I'm also tired it's almost my day off so I'm getting to the point of exhaustion - and also because it's almost my day off I'm low on fresh food I usually live on salad but not so much just now.

I've been a very bad girl with the touching the face and squeezing spots, I had two massive ones on my left cheek - for some reason the left is always worse than the right - and I just had to pop them they were too big and I worry that it's noticeable from stage, I know it's very noticeable close up. I almost cried today, we were doing the finishing touches before going on stage and I just felt so upset about my appearance I didn't appreciate clear skin when I had it and now I don't even remember what it's like.

I really need to get new head shots done (Photos) because I don't look even slightly like me old one mostly because I went blonde but I'm putting it off and off in the hope that I can at least improve my skin a little bit, For anyone who doesn't know a head shot is the picture you send to casting agents and producers when you are auditioning or hoping to get an audition.

Some days I despair... this was one of those days.


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