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the day after....



WEll, hello again. I just love waking up so ashamed of myself.. Just look at my face! Just look at it...and then start picking at again....yup that's right. Picking is the first thing i did when I woke up this morning...OH GOd. Well it could hardly make it look much worse. I had to leave the house today to register my son for 2nd grade! The consealer helped but i still felt very embarrassed. I haven't done anything out side of my home all day. I feel bad for people that have to look at me!! I actually told a friend of mine about my picking problem. He said that he's never notice. I find that surprising. And now Im kind of worried that he will now that he knows. But maybe that will give me more incentive to stop.

I was also wondering if maybe my picking escalates at a specific time of the month. Last month it was really bad during the first two weeks of the month. SO maybe I can remember that for september..I will be on vacation so that will be nice.

Ok i washed my face for the night and applied all my ointment so my war wounds will hopefully heal faster. I need to avoid mirrors for the rest of the night!! wish me luck. me. ok. douchebag.


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