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Accutane Day 42



Pill #42 tonight.

Still nothing much to report. Still look awful. I went to war two nights ago against all the existing zits. I popped them all! So yesterday everything looked like a massive scab. Today. Things are starting to dry up and flake off. All of these little guys are leaving nasty red marks though. But better a red mark that I can cover up, than a massive zit that I can't. I have two new zits on my forehead - one cystic above my left eyebrow and one whitehead, which I popped to the left of my left eyebrow. Don't know why these sprang up all of a sudden. Happened during the day yesterday.

The real problem area (not that my whole face isn't a problem area) seems to be this little patch on the left side of my face near my chin of what were little white pustules around the lower part of my face. Now they are turning into red irritated zits as they make their way out of my skin. I hope that once they go away, that will be the end of those little bumps around the lower part of my face. Humph. Still not clearing up here.

Also, about sun exposure. Today, for the first time this summer, I went to the beach and sat in the sun for two hours. I wore a hat and used SPF 70 Neutrogena spray-on sunscreen and still got a bit of a burn on my shoulders - but nothing to horrendous. Accutane definitely makes me more sensitive to the sun since I got the same amount of color as I would get from wearing my usual SPF 30 sunscreen (when I wasn't on accutane). So, I'd say it's fine to go out in the sun as long as you put on a heavy-duty sunscreen and then apply some aloe or moisturizer to your body after exposure.

That's all to report today. I'm really hoping things start turning around soon!!! I hate going to the beach and feeling self-conscious wondering if my makeup got washed off in the water (it did for the most part). I sat there admiring all the other girls who could just run in and out of the water and turn their faces to the sun to tan without shame. They looked so free. I wonder if they know how lucky they are.


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