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Fibre - Gastrointestinal Gas - Acne - Any relationship - connection?



I should post this on the bords but i know it will be ignored or attacked by the nutcase regulars so for now i will just have to muse to myself.

There is alot of discussion about Fibre and Acne, in fact many of the people who have "cured" the acne often cite the use of fibre and fibre supplements. Sometimes accompanied by probiotics etc.

It would seem the approach is basically prebiotics [ ie fibre etc] + probiotics.

But in these discussions you often also get people who report no benefits, or in fact, a worsening of their acne symptoms. I'm not sure a reason is ever given for this effect other than some talk of stuff like leaky gut syndrome.

In my personal case i have regular GI[Gastrointesinal] problems - mainly involving excess gas, reflux etc. It seems to me that a significant factor in my GI probelms maybe fibre. I'm am finding it very hard to actually work out why and how but i think certain kinds of fibre lead to gas production somewhere in my GI tract which leads to the symptoms of excessive GI gas

ie bolating, burbing/belching, farting, reflux.

I presume this gas is being produced by bacteria in the GI tract somehwere and somehow.

Now if this bacteria is giving of gas the question i find myself askign is how significant are these bacteria in the acne process, if at all?


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