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Hello community :)

sorry I've been MIA, did some traveling, etc etc. I am now on week 6. I'm glad to say that my skin is essentially breakout free. Only problems I have now is that my skin is still flaky, so sometimes I need to moisturize twice a day. Also, I went ahead and purchased the Jojoba oil and have been using it for a day and a half. So far it makes the moisturizing better, as before I had trouble with the BP and the moisturizer forming residues (nothing major but annoying). Now with the jojoba oil it is easier for my fingers to 'glide' over my skin, thus reducing irritation. Also, trying to see how the redness and marks behave with this. If I didn't have any redness/marks you wouldn't know I had any issues w my skin, but as we all know those things take the longest to go away. Another thing to say is I switched brands for BP (cus the previous one ran out and they dont sell in canada). Now the one I have is more of a clear gel, not as creamy as the white one I used before. So I find it harder to apply on my face without having to use some pressure on my face so the gel 'flows'. So I try to use a little more, just enough so the BP is evenly spread and I try to rub as little as possible. Other than that it hasn't really done anything bad. It's still 5% BP, no luck finding the 2.5%, but if I do I would still switch. My face wash is still Avene and it is working just fine.

So yeah, it's going great for me. Definitely sometimes I wish it didn't take me so much time to do the regime, but it's been worth it. I hope other people are also having good result.

~over and out


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