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Some background



Some background:


22 years old.

Been smoking cigarettes the last 5 – 6 years.

Acne started when I was 14, and gradually became worse.

I have about 5-8 pimples on my cheeks on a regular basis, along with tons of whitemarks.

My skin is sensitive, and feels somewhat dehydrated.

What have I tried?

2 month milk died (no result)

Gym workout, 3 times a week for 1 year (no result).

Food diet (no sugar, soda, fast-food etc) (no result)

Vitamin Supplements (some result)

Use a clenser two times a day in shower (good results)

Tetracycline antibiotics, 2 months (no result)

Oxytetral antibiotics, 2 months (no results)

Dalacin facial cream (no result)

Ery-Max antibiotics 3 months (no result)

Finacea (great results)

I will now make my attempt to quit smoking. Maybe It'll cure my acne? We'll see.

Wish me luck


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