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Day 70



It has come to my attention that my red marks/scarring are a lot worse than I thought. My right cheek is filled with sooooooooooo many red splotches. It's disgusting. My left cheek is also horrible, but it does have a few small patches of beautiful clear skin. My forehead isn't too bad, only the occasional red mark on the sides. My chin and nose are good. I REALLY hope they will heal within a year (maybe a year and a half). They are HORRIBLE! Anyway, I must say that overall, my face looks better than when I started. My cheeks are less bumpy and overall I have less spots. This is what my skin looks like today: middle of my forehead is smooth and clear with a few small pink bumps. The left side has about three dry pimples. They are pretty much flat, and the skin peels off. The right side has several medium sized pink bumps. My nose is super dry, bumpy, and scaly. There are blackheads in literally every pore. My upper lip is fine, there's only one small dry pimple. My chin has a few dry flat pimples where the skin peels off of it. My left cheek has improved a lot. There aren't any problem spots, just lots of scattered tiny pustules. The crescent shaped breakout on my left cheek under the eye is healing and almost gone! I have lots of scattered small pustules on that cheek as well. My left jawline is completely COVERED in dry bumpy pimples. But it's my right jawline that's the problem. It's horrible. It itches like crazy. Pustules will randomly pop and bleed and leave scabs. It starts from the bottom of my chin, all the way to my right earlobe getting less and less fierce until it reached the earlobe. My right jawline is definitely my problem spot at the moment. I'm going to put some spot treatment all over it, because I can't take it anymore! I'm going to start clearing up soon, right???


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