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this is the last time...again



I don't know who even reads this crap, but i am mainly doing it for myself. I am so depressed and frustrated with myself because I can't stop picking at the pimples on m face. I have really went "Spartacus" on myself this time. It hurts really bad. It especially hurts to smile. I feel so ashamed and hideous. I wish i could sleep until it was healed up and I wouldn't have to deal with the repercussions. Time to buy some new concealer! I wish i didn't have to wear it at all! Why is my skin so awful these days? I am 29 years old..it has never been so bad.

DAng. I feel like a big baby, but it has really got me down in the dumps. I want to be myself...not Quasimotto...lurking inside all summer long.

WEll, like every other time i destroy my face with scrapes and squeezes ...leaving myself red and puffy and sore....I am proclaiming this as the LAST time!!!! I can't do this anymore. I need someone to support my exclamation. I have to put it in writing and document the process. Maybe it will give me a supplemental activity to engage in rather than my bathroom mirror habits.

I HAte you FACE!!!

I don't want to pick at you anymore!!

WEll.now. let's see if this works.

If you read this. Cheers and please, forgive my childish sufferings :)


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