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Accutane Day 7



So it's finally been a week of accutane! Face is the same, breaking out like usual.. lips are drying up, so i'm frequently applying lip balm.

Also i've bought Eau Thermal Avene Cleanance gel to wash my face in and Neutrogena Multi-Defence night moisturiser! They look good quality although the moisturizer was £8 and it is only 50ml which is disappointing! Will be using these tonight so will see the results tomorrow :)

Lower back was aching yesterday after i had to bike about 5miles and it is down to the accutane i think, hard exercise is definitely effected by accutane for me.. won't be doing that again haha.

Been taking pictures daily since i started the treatment and can definitely see that my skin looks less inflamed although new spots are appearing everyday my actual skin around spots seems to be calming down. The new cleanser/moisturizer should help as i was using a scrub as a morning and night wash which was probably irritating my skin.

Cheeers x


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