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Week 6, Day 42 - Aquaphor



So I bought a tube of Aquaphor and it has changed my life! The most unbearable thing about Accutane was the dry lips - my lips have been so sore and dry especially since the doctor moved me up to 80mg. I can see why everyone on Tane says it is a Godsend.

I have to get the pimple re-extracted the same one that has been sitting on my face for a couple of weeks, had gently extracted but need a hard extraction and injection. Otherwise, no new breakouts and the dry skin on my arms has settled.

I also bought Moroccan Oil deep conditioner, my hair has been so dry so I am going to try to wash one a week and use this hair masque. Its expensive almost $50 but it is supposed to be really good.

I worked out this morning with my trainer and my back was somewhat sore - I will keep on working out despite the slight pain which may have nothing to do with Tane.


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