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Day 1



There are many theories around the phrase: 'if you believe you can achieve' but is it true? If I believe I can be acne free will I? The real question there is can I believe I can be acne free and the answer is no. I used to dream that I would wake up with clear skin but after the first few months I realized that wouldn't happen, now I can't even imagine myself without pimples. I think that may be a good place to start this fight.

I believe that confidence is one of the most important things a person can have, other people cannot put their confidence in you if you have none in yourself. Over confidence is not good but confidence is a very attractive quality in people and it will help you achieve your dreams, if you have the confidence to apply for that job then your already partway there. If you believe you can do it then everyone else will too.

I always have a confidence boosting quote to help me face the world with a smile on my face so today's quote for you is:

'Go out on a limb... that's where the fruit is.'


So here we are at day one of my blog. I've only recently started using B5 and EVOO so this will document my progress I am also trying to stop picking.

So what have I done today?

I dragged myself out of bed I think it was Edith Bowman on radio one who got me up I definitely didn't get my eight hours of beauty sleep last night. The first thing I have to do when I wake up is take my vitamins if i'm conscious enough to manage that I usually manage to not fall back to sleep. At the moment I'm taking a vitamin b complex, iron (as a veggie I have to watch my iron levels.) Vitamin E, and a vit c/zinc combination. This morning I also had a couple of pro plus yup that's how tired I was.

I am also using pantothenic acid (B5) I started with 5g per day on the 4th but am up to 10g a day now.

Then here comes my morning regimen:

1. Wash face in lukewarm water (because the boiler hasn't heated up yet) with avon microdermabrasion stuff - I forget what it's called.

2. Use Clinique anti-blemish cleansing foam very gently (It has antibacterial stuff in it)

3. After face has dried liberally apply antibiotic ointment (Unbranded tis shipped from America)

4. Let that soak in then apply make-up - During the day I wear mineral powder foundation which claims it doesn't clog pores I haven't been using it long though so we shall see.

Then I'm off to work (Yes I skipped breakfast I know tut tut), I have one job but it's in two parts: Day and Night day work has natural hair and make up and night work has more elaborate stage hair and make up.

I did have breakfast at work but not till about 11 and it was a fry up which is terrible but I could smell it cooking and couldn't resist and lunch was even worse: lucozade, relentless, cheese cake and sweets. I can't even have cheesecake I'm allergic to dairy or as my little brother says I'm a dairytard. Normally I'm proper healthy but I haven't been shopping and have like no vegetables, one of the other girls insists that we couldn't do our job if we didn't eat the junk and have the energy drinks but I think we can so I'm challenged to have no junk food or added sugar for a week and see if I can still perform as well, In my head I think I should be better slow release carbs from decent food are way better for you than a quick sweets fix but when all you need is a burst will I cope... I don't know it's worth a go and I'm trying to cut down sugar anyway I might manage it if it's a bet. Dinner wasn't really dinner today I wasn't all that hungry so had pate on toast and one square of dark chocolate with orange. I've just had another square of that now because it was really good.

Then here comes the afternoon regimen: because I have to change to a different type of make-up I go through cleansing again in the afternoon but with different products.

1. Remove make-up with EVOO (Only started this today though)

2. Wash face with Lush coal face - thats a face wash with charcoal in to help soak up excess oil.

3. (After face is dry) Clinique anti-blemish toner

4. Clinique even better clinical renew serum

5. Clinique even better clinical moisturizer

6. Evening make-up, this is liquid based and at the moment is clinique anti-blemish solutions not sure it's much different to the normal one though.

Looking back I did not eat a lot today, I normally have a fourth meal when I get in from work but it was very late tonight and my bed was more enticing, I'm having a be fruity fruit bar what ever one of those is though. It's one of my five a day so it can't be a bad thing.

Once I get home in the evening or more likely early hours of the next morning I have yet another regimen:

1. Remove make-up with EVOO

2. Exfoliate with Clinique scrub - I'm not sure what it's called but it's the one which smells of mint.

3. Wash face gently with Clinique anti blemish foam.

4. Once face is dry apply topical vitamin A

Somewhere in between all this I read the article on here about popping your spots and have been resisting as hard as I can, I almost did it when I looked in the mirror before washing my face but managed not to and twice touched my face and went to squeeze but didn't so yay major good start there.

I'm not in work until twelve tomorrow but it's definitely sleep time now good night I'll tell you more tomorrow. xx


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