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warning: this blog is gonna be me pretty much rambling. it gets confusing, but stick with me, people!!! ADD is a hell of a disorder

I'm in a mad rush to get my face cleared up before school starts in September. I went out of the country for three months to volunteer in a third world country. I was so busy with my work there that I totally neglected my face, and overall physical appearance lol. It's easy to ignore physical hygiene when shower and even drinking water is rationed. I also stopped taking my antibiotics :) big uh oh.

I restarted my antibiotics like a week ago, and my face looks like hell since it is purging all of the shit it accumulated during my months abroad. The purging should clear up soon with my antibiotics, but all of these breakouts are leaving my face with tons of red marks.

I am starting salicylic acid 20% gel peel from amazon ($24 with shipping) to hopefully clear up the hyperpigmentation. If this doesn't work, I'm gonna wait until my acne clears up, and try out the stronger glycolic acid peels!!! I'm only really doing this blog business because I have been searching the internet for anything about a salicylic acid peel blog and there are like ZERO good ones *no offense if you have one* But I mean, like...with regular pic updates. i'm here to remedy that lol so others who are interested in SA peels can read up on it...hopefully it'll be useful for others who want to try it out.

I will post up pics as often as I can with progress from my peel, starting manana.

ALSO: those who say bad diet is why you have acne are WRONG. I'm a vegetarian, don't put sugar in anything I eat, limit my sodium to a bare minimum, no dairy by choice, don't like chocolate, no cokes yada yada....basically, I'm a super-health nut and I have acne. sooooooo...ssshuushh. :doh:


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