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Entry 1 - Day 10



I am a 25 yo Female and have been on Accutane for 10 days. I'm starting this to document my side effects/results so that hopefully it will help others in the future as well as be a way for me to monitor my progress. I have had moderate-cystic acne for the past 5+ years (mild-moderate as a teen) and have tried everything with limited results. 10 days ago, I started 80mg (40mg twice/day) of Accutane.

Side effects:

Chapped lips: started almost immediately. Carmex (the plain kind in the tub) works wonderfully for this.

Dry scalp: My scalp is crazy itchy. I wash my hair every other day and am not really sure how to alleviate this.

Dry eyes: Also started immediately. I keep Refresh drops on me at all times which seem to keep them hydrated for 3-4 hours.

Dry skin: Itchy, but nothing serious. I just moisturize am/pm & switched to a moisturizing body wash.

Acne Status:

Random pimples popping up but much less than before.

2 cysts (about average for me) that now seem to be healing.

Blackheads all over nose (always have these, but they are much more prominent now)

No whiteheads (yay!)

So far, my side effects are really mild, and my acne is a tiny bit better. I'm expecting the initial breakout to come anytime now (though I'm hoping it never does!) I will update in about a week or so.

On another note, I am a little dubious about my dosage. It seems that most people start on 40mg and increase by month, or else start at a higher dosage according to weight. I am a petite female, so I am not really sure why my Dr. started me at 80. Any others who went directly to 80?


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