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Accutane Day 38



Pill #38 Tonight.

So, got on a plane on Wednesday which of course did disastrous things to my skin. All the existing pimples became inflamed and two small red pimples turned into ginormous whiteheads. I decided to just moisturize and go to bed when I arrived because it's no good picking at your face when you are tired and aggravated.

When I woke up things had calmed down slightly, but my skin was still a mess. So, I went for a facial! And oh my god, why didn't I do this sooner? My face is so much calmer now - not that the acne has disappeared, but the pimples are smaller and I've had no new breakouts. The facialist was amazing and gave me a lot of helpful pointers on how to handle my skin on Accutane which I will share:

1. Incorporate some yoga into your daily routine. If you breakout around your ears and jawline, this is an indication of poor circulation of the lymph-nodes which can result from sitting still a lot. She said she sees this happen with people who work at desk jobs - which I do.

2. Wash your face with pure honey in the shower. Honey is a natural antibacterial. So is lavender oil. If you dab lavender oil on your popped zits, they'll heal faster.

3. Mineral Makeup!!!! Amazing stuff. Why didn't anyone tell me about this before? Get some mineral makeup. It blends really well into your skin, provides SPF, and feels really light to wear. You can actually wear it to bed and all the time it is helping your skin. I wore it to bed last night and it didn't even rub off onto my pillowcase. It's not the best coverage if you want to look flawless, but it's certainly fine for everyday use to just minimize the horror of all those redmarks, scars and pimples. Just brush it over your face and buildup a little extra powder on the spots you want to cover up. No need for a separate concealer.

This could all be total BS but what the heck. I'm going to try it! I'm also going to try to get facials as often as I can during this 5 month course to minimize breakouts and keep things calm. It's expensive - but what price wouldn't I pay for clear skin and self-confidence?

Otherwise, cheeks still riddled with redmarks, but popped pimples are healing and flaking off. I have a lot of small pimples still around the chin, near my ears, and along the jawline. The cystic pimple on my forehead has shrunk to a small red pimple. Developed another whitehead in the middle of my forehead. Blackheads still diminishing but not totally gone. Argh. And so it continues.


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