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Day 14! a bit about moi



Hi there!

I won't (over) bore you with the perils of my acne suffering - basicaly similar situ to many bloggers on here. I'm a 25yo lawyer and after having a second contraceptive implanton in my arm, my face seemed to erupt uncontrollably . I had the implanton removed but the acne stayed. It's been awful. I put up with it for 13 months. Then January this year I started Tetrasyl, made minor difference but six months later I was still having significant breakouts. Accutane 20mg started two weeks today. It's been an unmitigated nightmare causing a lot of stress, depression and frustration. I've read a few blogs on here and it's supportive to hear that I've not been alone.

I get a complete mixture of rosacea, small pimples, large cysts, whiteheads. Anything and everything. My acne does not discriminate. Esp hairline cysts. My chest and back started to flare up just before I went on accutance. I have a fair amount of scarring or certainly dark acne ghosts on my cheeks and forehead. Very oily skin and I blot frequently.

I've noticed a vast improvement since starting two weeks ago - smal lumpy spots around my nove, chin and forehead have dryed up. I have not had (knock on wood) the IB but time will tell. I still get the odd zip but nothing compared to what it's been like over the last 24 months. Feeling much happier and stopped wearing make up. I blot and nothing - the oil has cleared up significantly.

Symptoms: MY LIPS ARE DRIVING ME TOTALLY MENTAL! Dry, cracked, peeling large pieces of skin. I've been advised not to rely on Vaseline, this is by an accutane 40mg a day survivor and my Dr. Essentially petroleum jelly is to keep essential moisture in, it doesn't acutally cause moisture. I don't want to start a debate about whether thats right or not but to be honest vaseline hasn't helped me personally at all so I've moved onto Carmex and it very soothing :) I was also told that Molton Brown do a gorgeously moisturising lip balm but it's pricey.

Also dry face, dry eyes - contacts becoming blurry, tight shiny skin (great for pictures), flaky skin in crevices. Dry throat. Dry nose, nose bleeds (small). Nothing else springs to mind.

So I'm fairly happy so far! I've tried to cut down on booze, I had a booze free weekend last weekend but I won't lie, I find it quite tough to avoid! Going to avoid shots and spirits and drink water between drinks.I take Zinc and vitamin E to counter some of the accutanes negative effects.

Skin care routine was previously a Garnier anti spot treatment wash - using a sponge. Twice a week I would use an exfoliator on dry skin, massaging for 5mins then gently washing off (much more effective) toner, differin cream.

Now I just use a Simple daily face wash for greasy skin. Anything else feels too abrasive. I moisturise with Nivea.

Here's hoping the nightmare is coming to an end!

Hello to everyone!



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Your acne sounds exactly like mine! Tomorrow will be day 4 of 20mg, hoping to see some improvements in the following weeks :clap:

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Good luck!I'm still early days but no IB, if your anything like me drink copious amounts of water and have moisturiser handy constantly.Hope you see some results!xx

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