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Post- Fraxel Laser observations



It has been over a week since I had my first Fraxel Laser Treatment. I thought I would make a list of all the observation.


7/26/2011 – 8/3/2011

Facial swelling went down

One noticeable scar that filled in

No more pain

No more open wounds

The dusky skin peeled off, skin is a bit raw, but that’s fine


7/22/2011 - 7/25/2011

Face looked burnt

Severe hyperigmentation

Swelling and pain


Face has red/pink spots from the most intense laser settings


Broke out in painful cystic acne and white heads due to clogged pores two days ago

The culprit? Acquaphor! This stuff has great healing properties but it’s soooo thick that it does not allow your skin to breathe

Acquaphor clogged the skin pores

Haven’t noticed any significant changes to improved skin



Dermatologist gave me the peroxide test to make sure the skin healed. If the skin did not heal from all the peeling, then the skin would fizzle from the peroxide. That would mean that I would have to keep using Aquaphor. But fortunately there was no fizzling from peroxide… Yeaaaa!

I was told not to use the Aquaphor anymore. Another yeaaaaaaa!

Oral antiobiotics (minocycline HCI 65mg a day for 1 week) for the cystic acne was given to me.

I went back to my gentle Shiseido face lotion and sunscreen.


Woke up this morning and lo and behold!.... 3/4th of the cystic acne was gone!

Hyperpigmentation is slowly decreasing

Things that I learned:

Always wear sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside. The 30 minutes allows the sunscreen to be absorbed by the skin – which makes it more effective. Wearing sunscreen 5 minutes before you are out the door defeats the purpose.

Most sunscreen lasts only 2 hours. If I am outside, I usually reapply every two hours. One thing I hate is wearing greasy sunscreen that makes my face look shiny. I started using Shiseido facial sunscreen (35 spf) and it feels very light. But it is really expensive! I don’t think anyone will pay $40-$60 for sunscreen. But I just did and I am stuck eating ramen for lunch for a month.

I don’t usually wear make-up, just a bit of powder for the shine. I was told that people who stop wearing make-up during the entire laser treatment (6 months) will heal much better than those who wear make-up.

Okay so that’s my update.


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