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Day 23



Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't keep you all updated, its been a hectic week!

Since my last post my scalp has calmed down in terms of itching but it was driving me mad for a few days! I bought head and shoulders shampoo and that seems to have helped a bit.

I havent noticed any hair loss...yet, just it seems quite dry, despite using rich conditioners.

Spots.....well it seems i am having my breakout. :S my cheeks have flared up and i have about 5-6 small-medium sized whiteheads appear on each cheek over the last week. It may be coincidence because it happened after id had a pretty busy weekend. Hardly any sleep on the Friday, a fair bit to drink (not good) and hardly any sleep on the Saturday. So it may be my fault.

My forehead (which was my worst area) currently has no spots....just dry flaky skin from previous spots and some scarring which I am covering with make up.

I have continued to exercise (in fact, more than before i started Accutane!) and I have not felt any aching joints or muscles at all. So that's all good!!

The dryness around the nose has decreased although my actual nostrils are bone dry!! It's like a desert up in there!!

I can understand why people feel like Accutane isnt working. I did feel a bit like that last week when i saw all my spots pop up but I know im only in my first month, so I cant complain.

The spots I do get seem to go quicker after squeezing which is a good thing. I'm just praying I don't get any juicy beasts emerge on my face any time soon!!!


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I hear you on the nose dryness! It's a very wierd sensation, almost stinging.Since reading your blog I've actually noticed my scalp is quite itchy, if persists will follow your eg and invest in head and shoulders!Here's hoping you start seeing some results :clap: x

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