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Accutane month 6



:) feeling soo depressed because i touched my skin. it was doing completely fine and actually looking better than usual but for some dumb reason i decided to pick at it. Ugh i am so saddddddddddd. so it is month 6 now and im on 70 mg a day until i finish my pack of 10 mg. and then my doctor said to start taking 80mg. i went for my blood test the other day and i got a huge bruise on the spot that she took my blood and it stayed there for about a week and a 1/2. but i guess that probably happens a lot.

Anyways i talked to my doctor and he said that i can be on accutane for as long as i want as long as i keep going for my blood tests every month. so that is the only good thing.

:'( ugh please dont pick ppl it makes you feel horrible afterwards.


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