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Sooo Ive been reading a lot of others blogs about Accutane & hopefully I can document my journey with accutane.

im on 40 mgs 2x a day.. OR is it better to take them both at once? IDk.

IVe been on it for 1 month and 3 days.. my skin still looks bad... I guess ive noticed that my skin is less oily :) which is great for me cuz before that my skin would get oily in literally five minutes. Anyways, I really havent had any side efects, hopefully they dont happen later.. my dermo said that if i was going to rlly have any they would have alrdy shown up.. I do have the chapped lip thing going on but its not too bad .

DEFinately had an Initial Breakout. that i guess is still going on :doh: . I honestly feel like it started like 4 days after my first pill , HORRIBLE> anyways I think its on its downturn *knock on wood* but that def sucked .

Also what a good makeup to cover this up while its still really noticable?

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HI! this is my second month on accutane. I just got bummped up to 40 mg twice a day. somethimes i have some knee pain but i still have dry lips. my scalp is starting it itch again which for me I have to keep it oiled. I am shedding hair which sucks but overall my skin is looking better. my pores are shrinking so all the nasty black heads and white heads are seeping out. I promise it gets better. For me my hair is a big issue and I am trying to stay positve. my derm said taking 80 mg at once is ok if I wanted to

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