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accutane month 2

Shana marie


Well I have been increase to 40 mg twice a day now. my lips still get dry but not as bad as they use to. My nose and chin looks like a straw berry and at time to do pick the white heads i cant help it. My derm said to get a warm wash cloth and gently wipe them but picking can leave a bruise. my hair is still shedding but not that bad. My derm said my hair will grow back but ive been going to my hair stylest every two weeks to get a wash and condition and deep condition. I am black so not washing my hair everyday is good for me. Also i do apply oil to the front and back of my scalp every night and morning and where ever it may itch.. cause itching it caused some of my hair to fall out in the front. :) but my skin is looking pretty good my pores are starting to shrink which is causing all the black heads to emerge from my face. My back is getting better still have some scars. my face does get dry but not as bad as when I first started. sometimes i have some knee pain but thats it..


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