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Keeley :)


I'm going to be going to the dermatologist sometime today to get my first prescription of Accutane. I've already got an arsenal ready of chapstick, lotion, eye drops, nose drops, and bandages ready in a little bag.

I've been on topicals and antibiotics for the last 2-3 years. I used Duac and Tazorac and rotated through antibiotics (Doxy, Solodyn, and another one I don't remember the name of) as quickly as was safe. While the topicals helped get rid of existing acne, they helped little in preventing further problems. The antibiotics only work while you're on them, and they're not safe to be on for very long. I've finally gotten to the point where I'm tired of hearing people say that I would be prettier if I didn't have acne and sick of being in pain with all the cystic acne, so I'm starting Accutane in hopes that it will provide a long-term solution. I have high hopes and hope that I won't be thrown too many setbacks with initial breakouts and side effects.


Hi! I started Accutane yesterday! So far i have not seen any changes, not that i was expecting any within two days! Hope Accutane works well for both of us! What dosage have you been put on? :clap: x

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Thanks so much, my dermatologist assures me that it's a great medicine. The iPledge program actually screwed me up pretty bad, so I'm only starting tomorrow (I was supposed to start today, but the dermatologist's office screwed up, yay). All I know is that I'm taking 2 pills every day, but not sure on the dosage yet.

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