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Accutane Day 36



Pill #36 tonight.

Argh. SO aggravated that this is moving so slowly and that I continue to break out. On the good side of things, my T-zone remains shine free and blackheads are largely disappearing. Unfortunately, my pores still look huge and that area looks rough. Probably from years of abuse from the acne and acne medications. Hopefully, this will start to improve.

I'm starting to get some breakouts on my forehead. I developed a whitehead on the left side and 2 small whiteheads near my right eyebrow. I also could feel a cyst developing up in the right corner near my hairline and a tiny whitehead forming in the middle. Yuck! Why???

My left cheek continues to be free of new breakouts. Some of the little white bumps that were there have gotten a little inflamed, but that's it. They are tiny and I hope that they will go away soon. My right cheek and jawline continue to be a mess, but things are improving. The cluster of zits on the apple of my cheek are all now just scabs that need to heal. They look ugly, but at least they are smoothing out, flaking off, and not bumpy huge painful pimples. I'm getting tiny red pimples breaking out along my jawline, but I think these are just the tiny white bumps becoming a little inflamed. At least, knock on wood, there are no cysts developing that I can feel. Can I hope that the days of nasty huge cysts are over?

Side effects-wise - my skin is a little pink and sensitive which is a bit annoying because I perpetually look like I have sunburn. Just on my face. Ick. I also don't seem to have much of an appetite lately.

So, I still look disgusting. And it may get worse because I am boarding a plane today and my skin always gets aggravated by that. I'm making sure to keep my vaseline on hand!


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