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Life is good right now!




Skin status - definitely getting there. I'm the clearest I've been in about two years! I'm going to put this down to the Epiduo. Whilst the lemon and ACV toner I've been using has helped a lot, I think that using Epiduo AS PRESCRIBED rather than how I think is best has worked out well.

I've even started wearing foundation again (I think I do this the wrong way round - when my skin is really bad, I don't wear any make up - I want to let my skin breathe. When my skin is good, I feel like I look good and that I want to maximise my looks with makeup. Weird...).

Anyway, been feeling really really happy - I have a night out planned in the city on Saturday night and I have absolutely no feelings of wanting to bail or embarrassment about my skin. I've got lots planned for the week and socialising is making me feel really happy.

Last night I went to my friend's house. She also suffers with acne so we share tips quite often. I recommend the org to her all the time but I think she is just nonchalent about her acne - she is truly very very beautiful anyway. I was telling her about my derm appointment and about accutane and about the different teas I drink - it made me realise how OBSESSED I am with my skin! Truly truly obsessed.

Last night I rented 'Never Let Me Go' (shit book, even worse film) and her boyfriend and my boyfriend came to hers (incidentally, my boyfriend is her brother so it's a nice group). We were going to get pizza but I said absolutely not because of my skin. I actually made people change their plans for my skin! In the end we had a cheese and meat board. I was going to just have the vegetable crudités, olives and the cold meat but I fell off the wagon and had baked Camembert and crackers and lots and lots of chocolate. And wine. Oops!

But the whole thing was enhanced by the lazy susan. I bloody love a lazy susan, what an absolutely ingenious way of serving food!

Also it is lovely and sunny in the UK right now so I'm trying to spend more time out doors to help my skin. I quit sunbeds quite a while ago after I started seeing my skin ageing - so lots of D3 supps for me!

I'm going back to uni in October so I'm pretty excited about that. I've made a really big decision to move into my parents house. I haven't lived with them for three years but I just don't have enough space in the house I rent to do any studying. Big big big decision but I'm really happy. Hopefully it will work out.

Ahhh I'm revelling in this rare moment of being totally content with life!!


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