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Day 1 Accutane



Background Info:

Firstly I am going to tell you a bit about my self and how i have been coping with acne! I am from England and am 16 years old, i have been suffering with acne for 3 and a half maybe nearer 4years! The acne itself started off very mild with an odd pimple here and there which didn't really cross my mind at all. Over the years the acne has been getting gradually worse. I spent a great deal of time using Benzoyl peroxide over the last year and felt that it was great! It cleared my skin and left it looking very good after using a great moisturizer (organic surge daily moisturizer) however i started slacking and started using less and my face soon became much worse than it initially was. About two months ago i decided to start using BP again and then stopped as i couldn't cope with the dry skin, rash which formed on my face and decided i would be better off with acne. I have tried almost everything you can use from my local Gp (Doctor) and found they helped clear my skin but the acne always came back somewhere down the line! :)

Recent: I had my first Dermatologist appointment last Friday (29th July) and was in there for about 5 minutes. I had never met her before and was interested to know what she could possibly prescribe me, maybe laser treatments due to advancing technology? She read out things i had been prescribed by my doctor and asked how long i used them for and if they had worked well. I said they worked well to start with but the acne always came back over time! She then told me she was going to prescribe me Isotretinoin and that i needed to come back in 6 weeks time. I had already read up about Accutane (As it is mainly called on the internet - Roaccutane where I live) and knew that it would definately give me some good results. It also kind of shocked me a bit as it really told me how bad my acne must actually be? I think that the Dermatologist was quite concerned about my acne scars and wanted to clear my acne then after that was done if any scars had not faded then I would perhaps be booked into a clinic in London for laser treatments. I then was asked what i had eaten this morning and i had had a bowl of cereal, i had to have a blood test to see if i could take Accutane but could not have it there and then as i had eaten that morning! :doh:

I then had my Blood Test booked in and had it taken yesterday :) All went well and this morning my Dermatologist contacted me to tell me i will be prescribed Roaccutane 20mg for 6 weeks until she next see's me. I have my prescription waiting for me and it will be with me within the next hour or so! Tonight i shall be taking my first dose, or so i hope so depending on when i have to take it - what time of day etc.

Any questions/replies would be great! I am very excited to start this blog and see how my acne changes throughout the upcoming months! I am going to have a new blog entry everyday talking about changes in my body and acne. I will be giving information about products i will be using how well they work etc. and i will also be uploading pictures of how serious my acne is!



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