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Day 6 of the Regimin!



After years and years of dealing with Acne I finally came across this website and decided why not? I mean I've tried everything else besides going to a Derm (which I can't afford) and nothing has worked, so it can't hurt to try this!

Let me start of with my story, although I'm sure there have been enough tear jerkers on here that everyone is about done sobbing, but maybe it will help me emotionally to get it all out.

I've had some form of Acne for as long as I can remember and have always used OTC products. I finally settled on one this past January because my wedding was this past June and I knew I had to do something about the way my face looked. So like I said I started using Clinique's acne line this past January. And I thought it was a God send. It was your typical face wash, toner, lotion set but with really great ingredients. It seemed to work pretty well and I had the typical side effects of peeling and redness from the BP lotion. So I then started using Oil of Olay's exfoliating spinner brush to get rid of the flakes. It didn't seem to bother me that much and by the time the wedding came (June 11th) my face was somewhat under control. It was a wonderful day and I know my husband looks past my exterior and thank God for makeup and airbrushing photos!

So everything seemed to be going well right? WRONG! I stopped my birth control this past April in hopes of trying to get pregnant right away. We had both agreed that's what we wanted before the wedding and then on the honeymoon he told me he changed his mind and wanted to go back to school this fall to get his MBA. I was a little upset but he supported me for 3 years during school and I knew he deserved a chance to further his education if that's what he really wanted.

Which leads us to last Wednesday......my face totally broken out and me sobbing in the mirror once again. I mean I thought everything was going well. My face was pretty clear for the wedding and honeymoon. I even got enough courage to not wear makeup to the pool in Mexico! So I started doing some online research and came across Acne.org. I found it very interesting that everything I was reading was totally against everything I had been doing to my face!!!! The scrubbing and harsh products, the sunexposure, and picking and popping....oh I started to feel overwhelmed that everything was my fault....I was the reason I was breaking out so badly! And while all that may be true I also came across the women's page about stopping birth control and hormonal breakouts which is usually when I see worst of the worst on my face.

After spending hours of reading EVERYTHING on Acne.org I decided to make a trip to Walgreens and get some of the products that Daniel suggested.

I bought- Cetaphil Anti-bacterial cleansing bar

Neutrogena on-the-spot BP

Cetaphil Daily moisturizer

I'm on Day 6 and I have seen a vast improvement already. My exisiting breakouts have mostly cleared and I've had a few very small breakouts (nothing like what was going on before). I'm optimistic. I'm really going to limit my makeup applications to special occasions and hope that it helps some. I've been using Bare Minerals for years and only saw an improvement in my skin after using it so I refuse to get rid of it and try something new!

The real test will be next week. It will be getting close to that time of the month and as I said before that's when I see the worst of the worst. I'm also going to be spending a little time outside today and I will be using Oil of Olay daily moisturizer for sensitive skin with SPF 15.

I will continue to blog about my experience in hopes that this works! Say a prayer ya'll :)



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