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Is it really August!?!



WOWZERS! I can't believe August is here already. My how time flies by way to fast!! This past weekend, I also had my 10yr high school reunion, it was nice to see how people 'grow' up, and most aren't as clique as they were in high school. :) Yet at the same time, I felt that some people were surprised at other peoples accomplisments. Its like certain people exceeded expectations of other classmates.

I also went to another football game this weekend (Go Sask Rough Riders!!) But we lost another game. It was a close game, but still sucks to lose. :doh: I did have a ton of fun with my BF and our friends at them game and then we tried going out afterwards, but didn't last to long, as our frieds got too drunk to early lol. Oh well!

Alright, I guess a 'face' status update is in order. I'm happy to say that as of this AM, I have 0 actives :dance: I'll see how the day/week goes as my period is due in a week or so, and i usually breakout before & during that time. I do have 4 minor spots that are healing up, and I feel like I was able to avoid getting a big zit on the side of my nose (It was feeling really really painful for a few days!). But I'm super happy with the status of my face at this current time. Either my body is growin up (lol, yah right!) or the face wash/toner I'm using is making a difference. :dance:

Also, on saturday, my boyfriend asked me why I always wear make up, and why dont I go bare faced! I was kinda floored with that question, but in a good way. I told him that I don't really like the tonne of my skin right now. I'm pasty white with a little bit of discoloring from old acne spots. I don't any have scars :) , I guess i'm lucky of that, because i am quite a picker! But I plan on tanning a little bit just to get some color, and tanning always makes me happy!

Alright, that is all for now folks, Time to work!


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