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Day 20?!



Tomorrow marks 3 weeks?! And then one week from tomorrow marks 1 month...

1 down, 4 to go. Easy.

But what's not easy is having to deal with these breakouts! The first two weeks I started accutane, my face had started to clear up and I was excited, thinking I might just be one of those people that start clearing up from day 1, but no. What they say is true: It gets worse before it gets better.

BUT HEY, at least I know it's working! [;

forehead: clear, except for a few new cysts around hairline.

cheeks: left side is clear, right side is clear.

sides of face: left side is clear, right side is annoying the shit out of me. Quite a few active pimples, all the way up to my temples. Constantly bleeding. -___-

Eyebrows: breaking out on both sides. On top of eyebrows and underneath. Can't get my eyebrows threaded without bleeding. >:L

Oh, and the insides of my ears are breaking out too? Like, it's not just one pimples, but multiple inside my ears? o__o

Two on lips, but that's it.

Other things I've noticed: My face is a lot more red than usual. My scalp has gotten really dry, so I can't wash it every other day like I used to. (more like every 3-4 days now.) When I bend over, my back "locks" into that position and it hurts to get back up. Dry flaking skin, dry lips, the usual.

I would update more often, but I think I would bore you guys if I updated every other day with no actual changes, you know? All I can do is sit back and hold tight for now.


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