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Accutane Day 34



Pill #34 tonight.

So, I hate to jinx it but I think things are improving! I still look awful, but I continue to have no new breakouts on the left side of my face. My T-zone remains clear and shine free, and the pimples I've popped are healing quickly. My pores are definitely filled with less gunk but blackheads are not gone. The little white bumps around my lower face are still there but substantially smaller than a few weeks ago, almost pin-sized.

The right side of my face, on the other hand, including my cheeks and jawline is a mess. Breaking out like mad and I have huge scabs and red marks everywhere. It's disgusting! I've popped all but one of the cluster of swollen red pimples on the apple of my cheek. I'm experimenting to see which go away faster: the pimple or the scabs from my popped pimples.

In terms of side effects, my skin is getting increasingly pink and sensitive. I just went out for a walk yesterday. It was a sunny day and when I came home I found my skin a little red and sunburned. Annoying. Could also be that I've been keeping out of the sun completely for the whole summer and this is the first time I've been in sunlight for an extended period of time. Definitely nervous about my beach vacation next week. I'm not used to having to cover myself head to toe!

I'm hoping things continue to improve. I'm optimistic since in the past I really only get bad breakouts right before my period and since that just ended I figure I have a few weeks to let my skin heal a bit and for the Accutane to start turning things around!

I can't wait for my skin to be clear. I confess that my most exciting romantic fantasy is that someone will one day be able to hold my face in his hands and feel my perfect, smooth skin without me worrying if my makeup will rub off or if he'll run up against a nasty pimple. Sigh...


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