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Update - 4 weeks



Just a quick update...

I'm on day 28. I saw the doctor on Friday and I was super nervous going into the appointment that my labs wouldn't be good and I'd have to go off it, or that she wouldn't bump up my dosage because I've been having pretty noticeable side effects, etc. etc. I worry too much. She said my blood tests (triglycerides & liver function) were "great", and she bumped me up to 60 just like I had hoped. We talked about my progress and she said that I am clearly responding very strongly to the medicine and I'm noticing things that she doesn't expect people to notice until the 2nd month. For example, I'm still breaking out (normally, no "IB"), but the blemishes seem to cycle through very quickly. She had originally told me to expect this in the 2nd month. So basically she said I seem very sensitive to the medicine and I probably won't ever go above 60 mg/day (this is not a super high dose for my weight). I was glad to hear that! 40 mg has been pretty strong in terms of side effects so I hated to think of going up to 80, etc. She also said she thinks that based on how I'm doing, we shouldn't have to go over the basic 5 month course. yay! I'm trying to not get TOO happy about this and jinx myself, but I was very relieved at the outcome of the appointment, and I hope going up to 60 mg won't be too rough. Oh also the doctor said to skip a few pills a week when I first start on the 60 (30 mg 2x a day) while I transition in.

I hope this is interesting to someone! Feel free to say hi or ask questions. If you're reading this because you're considering going on accutane (like I did a few months ago), I would encourage you to go in and talk to your doctor about it! You don't have to make any decisions right away (if you're a girl, you have to wait a month before starting anyway) and it is definitely worth at least considering it. Hope everyone is doing well.



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