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Day 62



I realize I haven't been posting about my side effects lately. So here they are: my lips are dry. But I hardly notice it. I rarely apply chap stick to them during the day and they're fine. My skin isn't dry! It's also not oily. So that is at least one positive thing! My back hurts for about 20 seconds after I bend down. I have to walk all hunched over for a bit, but it's fine. And that's it for side effects! Now onto my skin: forehead: the middle is beautifully clear and heavenly soft with only a couple tiny tiny bumps. But the sides are broken out. It's not too bad though. My nose is still covered in black heads, but it's hardly noticeable. My chin has gotten better, the two huge zits are tiny and healing. My left cheek is smooth in some places (not very many places) and just bumpy and red in other places. Hardly any pustules. But I'm concerned with this breakout by my nose. It's like a small cluster of deep pustules. Or possibly a cluster of small cysts. It's awful looking. The area between my nose and mouth has a few dry pimples. My left jaw has tons of tiny bumps. The skin by my left eye is healing a ton. Only a few bumps. My right cheek has looked awful the past week. Extremely red and bumpy. Today they turned into pustules. So, I now have a huge cluster of pustules. I think it's part of the healing process though. My right jawline is covered in large dry bumps. So overall, my cheeks look horrible and everything else only looks mildly bad.


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