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Accutane Day 32



Pill #32 tonight. Not much progress.

I have a new tiny pimple in the middle of my forehead that is quickly turning into a whitehead. Yuck. Popped the pimples on my upper lip after they turned into whiteheads and they seem to be healing nicely. My right cheek still looks horrible with 3 actives in a cluster on the apple of my right cheek and scars and scabs all over the place. I still have tiny white bumps all around my lower face - but they seem to be getting smaller than before. In general, the acne I have hasn't gone away, but it seems to be smaller. I guess that's good! Also, the left side of my face, for once in the last month has NO NEW ACTIVES!!! I hope it stays this way so that it can heal since it is riddled with scabs and scars. Yuck. Blackheads and shine are diminished - but still not totally gone.

I continue to use vaseline and cetaphil. Not having too much of a problem with dry skin - but my skin is definitely a little pinker and sensitive. Today, I took a chance and did not wash my hair or style it, just leaving it au naturel (I usually wash it, blow dry and straight iron it every day because it gets so oily and it's curly) and it doesn't look oily at all! I'm hoping that this will help it recover a little since the accutane has made my hair really dry.

Question for you all, what do you do about getting a little color? I've been avoiding the sun like the plague and I am so pasty and pale which is ridiculous in the summer, because I usually tan quite easily. Is spray tanning a good idea? Or at-home tanning lotions and creams? Is there anything you would recommend? I just want to stop looking like a vampire with acne.

And so it continues. Please start to clear up soon acne!


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