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day 10



well day 10... I have a very red and flaky face.. but IB on my face has been limited to just 2 big pimples on my face. My bacne hasn't seemed to started clearing yet..it hasn't really broken out more than normal either. but hopefully I will start to see a change soon :wacko:) still using my purpose soap and moisturizer. Right under my nostrils and my lips are reallllly dry.. I haven't done anything for my nose yet, but I am constantly putting the aquaphor on my lips. I haven't used the neosporin lip treatment yet but I plan on trying it as soon as I use all of the other. My husband comes home the 12th of August..He's been gone 8 months.. I really hope that I don't get any bad breakouts on my faceright before or when he's home.. Do any girls out there use any of the "green pigmented" make up? I have always had a red face. but this is pretty bad.. I had some clinique powder that had the green stuff in it to hide the redness, but there is no way I can use powder with my skin being this flaky.. Does anyone know how long the red skin lasts?? I'm really hoping not the WHOLE time but, it will be worth it in the end. I have noticed a positive..my appetite has actually decreased since i've been taking it.. Maybe a new figure to go with my new skin :naughty:))))) I could only be so lucky. I bought some tea tree oil to mix with my shampoo.. My derm said it my cause some flaking and irritation of my scalp.. Has anyone else had this problem? I am really considering getting some gpats milk/buttermilk bath soap.. I hear it's very soothing and moisturizing without leaving you feeling oily. I plan on buying within this week and I will post a review. I also read people are having problems with the skin on the bottoms of their feet.. It happens to me during the summer because I wear flip-flops all the time.. but I swear by a ped egg and then put some good lotion on your feet and slip socks on and sleep in them.. I hope this will be enough in case I start to have that problem. Hope everyone is doing well and I wish you all clear complexions and a good night


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