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happily after


By the end of yesterday when I was working, there was a evil nodule forming on my right cheek where I rarely breakout. :wacko:

The one on my chin is deflating.

PM routine before bed


Wipe off with washcloth


wait for 20 min


AM routine I just did

I experimented using my moisturizer as a cleanser, if this works fine, then I won't need to purchase cleanser since cetaphil is a giant big tub which I basically only use on my face.

Wipe off with washcloth


wait for 30 mins

Spot treat with BP on the newly formed and inflated evil nodule on my cheek and the deflated one on my chin. There is one I just discovered when I was spot treating beside mouth on the right. Bugger!!

No flakes so far since I like to put extra attention on keeping skin moist. No makeup can hide a peeling face.

I think jojoba oil has arrived in my mailbox.

Quick Update:

Moisturizer as a cleanser is not working. It made my face oily to the extend that I can't bear.


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