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Why do I still try?



After quitting the regimen back in April due to an allergic reaction/over reaction to BP, I decided to try it again. My two best friends use it, and they don't wear makup. Their skin is nearly flawless. I bought a travel size bottleI put it on my forehead, and from one teeny size amount, it pretty much cleared up the nasty bumps on my forehead...just from using it one time. Granted it was red between my eyebrows and on my temples, but otherwise was fine. The next night, I put a tiny tiny tiny amount on my mouth-like half a pea-size, hoping I wouldn't break out....well.... I did. BAD. My lower face was so red, I used concealer to cover all of the redness.

My acne more recently has been active, but just very small pimples that go away in a few days. They aren't these huge swollen lumps on my face....but I broke out in about 10 new pimples! Little bumps on my chin have erupted into these angry looking things that don't really go away. This is just from one time of using a tiny bit of BP. The skin is very dry and tight and peely. I couldn't believe I had this reaction. I wonder how long it will take for the pimples to go away, not to mention the scars/red marks it will leave behind now. :wacko:( Why coulnd't I have been happy with my skin the way it was before?

I don't care much about make up now- i mean I wear it in public but around my closest friends and family I don't care. My best friend is visiting right now, and he has seen me most mornings/nights without makeup-partly because my skin was clear enough for me not to care. But now I just want to hide and not see anyone-or him-until my face it clear. I haven't had pimples like this in about 5 months. :naughty:(

I could have broken out from trying Organic's tinted moisturizer about 1-1.5 weeks ago. Since it takes a few weeks for a pimple to form, the breakout could be due to that. I only wore it twice, but it was too greasy. I also have been sleeping however is comfortable, so my face touches the pillow and what not....

Oh well. At least my scars have faded dramatically. The Olay regenerist wash and serum are amazing. I just hope I can not let this get me down while my friend is visiting....or keep me from hanging out with friends....


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