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I wish I could feel more optimistic about this - but right now I am miserable. My skin is so bad. I have pimples, scars, scabs, small bumps all over my cheeks and jawline. I even had 2 little whiteheads pop up on my upper lip under my nose in my usually clear T-Zone. WTF???!!! Those are the worst too because they are right in the middle of your face and you can't pop them without significant pain and mess. SOO UNHAPPY!!!!

On the plus side, I think the Accutane is working. Blackheads on my nose, forehead and under my eyes are disappearing. The T-Zone remains shine free and much smoother looking. It's really just the nasty stuff around my cheeks and jawline that seem to be getting worse - while everything else seems to be getting better! Also, I have few bad side effects. My skin is a little dry - but nothing a little moisturizer can't cure. I also find that if I apply vaseline liberally to my lips at night, I can manage throughout the day with just some Burt's Bees chapstick.

I don't know what to do either about the existing pimples and cysts on my face. As usual, they just don't budge - even after weeks (I still have the cyst on my earlobe). If I don't pop them, nothing happens. They just sit there. Isn't the Accutane supposed to make these dry up quickly? This hasn't been happening.

The skin on my lower arms and on my face is a little red - probably from dryness.

Please work Accutane! I can't go through much more of this! And I'm really worried about next week because I'm going to a wedding and have to get on a plane - I just know my skin is going to go insane!!!

Sorry this can't be more positive - but I'm miserable. :wacko:


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