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night 1



Well, I was not as successful as I would have like to be. Let me see if I can quantify what is going on with my face.

I would say I have about I have about 25 pimples/spots on my face total and I picked at about 10 of them. Not a bad night for me, believe it or not. But I want to not pick at all! This will set me back, I know it. Ugh.

I guess I will apply my glycolic acid and try to do better tomorrow. The good thing is that there is a tomorrow and another chance to change.

I think I may have picked because I was stressed tonight. Work was terrible and the mood I was in at work lingered when I got home.

Overall, of course I am not proud of myself, but tonight was an improvement over last night so I should celebrate that. I also did not pick at my shoulders or chest. So that was good.

"If something seems like an uphill battle, just think of the view from the top."


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