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Day 58



Ugh, my skin is disgusting. I am looking forward to the day where I can post something GOOD about my skin. My forehead is full of dry scabby pimples. My nose has several small blackheads, although I hardly care about that. But here are the REAL problems. My upper left cheek: there's a huge cresent shaped area covered in dry, bumpy, red pimples. For the past few days the area beside my left eye was covered in dry pimples that bled when I touched them. Luckily it's clearing up a tad bit today. My mid left cheek is doing okay. Only a few small pimples. My jaw line is doing poorly. Tons of small dry pimples especially up close to my chin. At least they're not cysts. My upper lip only has a couple of tiny dry pimples. My chin is filled with several tiny dry pimples and two huge ones. They look like cysts, but I don't think they are. The back of my right jaw line is smooth, but the front is covered in tiny dry pimples. My lower right cheek is doing pretty well actually. Just bumpy with scattered dry pimples. My upper right cheek seems to be following in the steps of my left cheek. It seems like another crescent shaped patch is developing. It's bumpy, red, and FULL of dry pimples. Only a few pimples beside my right eye, but they're small. And that's pretty much the breakdown of my skin. I better see some magic in my third month.


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