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6 months after accutane



...Well, almost 6 months.

I still say accutane was totally worth it. I'm almost six months post treatment and my skin is still very clear. Not that I don't have some scarring, dark spots, or a few clogged pores, but overall my skin still looks good.

I ran into an old friend a couple of days ago-A friend I haven't seen since I took accutane. Immediately she asked what I had done to my skin. She said, I quote, "your skin is glowing, what did you have done?" I was pretty shocked to hear that, since no one in my life has ever complimented my skin-especially after twelve hours of makeup and 105 degree weather!

I wish none of my oil would have come back, but it's still no where near what it used to be. My hair fell out for a good two months after treatment, but has since stopped. While my pores dissapeared during the treatment, they have now returned to what I would call "small" or normal sized. Overall, I am completely satisfied with my results from accutane. If my acne does come back, I would absolutely consider another course.

Again, thank you accutane!


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