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This is it...



I don't know how many times I have said, this is it. This is the end of my picking. It has been an ongoing problem for too many years and I am at the end of my rope. My life cannot be on hold anymore while I deal with scars, scabs, and oozing pimples. This is the last straw and I am done with picking. I need to be.

I pick when I am stressed, anxious, tired, procrastinating or upset. It has become a release and that is not good. I know my triggers, but I can't beat them.

I need to come up with some replacement habits and some other way to release my feelings and keep my nervous energy under control.

Two things that help are timing myself when I am in the bathroom. I will set my stopwatch on my phone to 10 minutes. In those 10 minutes I need to do everything that I normally do to get ready for bed. In fact, I might give myself less time and if I can trust myself, I will up it to 10. Tonight I will start with 7. I will also not turn on the light in the bathroom. I will use the light of the night light. Less light means I cannot sit there and examine my face and find things to pick. Tonight- 7 minutes and less light. It's a start.

I need to find some replacement habits. Some things that will be healthy. I need to think about this one.

This problem is not restricted to just my face. I also pick my shoulders and back as well. Which takes some effort. But I will sit on the vanity just so I can see if my back is breaking out and I will scratch those pimples away, because it will "help." THis is how I justify picking to myself. I am would rather hide red marks with makeup than enflamed pimples. But everytime I squeeze, I am prolonging the life of the pimple.

If a pimple pops up, it will be gone in about 10 days if not touched. If popped, it might go away faster, but the bacteria is forced further and the results are detrimental. That one pimple might send you into a tail spin for months.

This is my vow, this is it. I am done living my life this way. I will gain control.

Tonight will be the starting point. I squeezed last night, so tonight is the night. I will update later.

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i have same problem, what ive found is helping is firstly using dans regimen my skin has flattened out loads in just 5 days and so theres less to pick, the clearer face is my motivation, and whenever the urge arises i think.... ur only putting uself back at square one....so try dans regimen exactly, watch as face gets better and better :clap: and that will be ur motivation.good luck!! and i know exactly how u feel cause its just as much a temptation for me.

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