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happily after


I woke up with improved skin condition today. Now I have four active zits on my chin, right part of my forehead close to my brow and top edge of my left brow and left jawline (where the first time I got pimple :naughty: ) those I think will become inactive by tomorrow. :wacko: I haven't developed giant blackheads on my nose for bout 4 days. Maybe I had picked them out and just not being long enough to grow back? or tretinoin is working. (hopefully)

When I was doing my night regime, I added Olay totally effect after cetaphil, wanting to add some antioxidant. Then wait for 30 mins then spot treat with BP. I am suspecting if it's olay made me break out on jawline where I NEVER break out though it was just one little surface pimple or this is only a very rare incident?

I will keep on experimenting with Olay.

I am also experimenting a new sunblock (Biore)

Today's morning regime

Cerave cleanser

Olay total effect

Biore sunblock.

Spot treat with BP


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