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Accutane Day 27



Ok - so onto pill #27 - almost 1 month done!!

I went to my dermatologist this morning for my blood test. He didn't say much - but seemed satisfied and kept me at 40 mgs. every night with dinner. When I said that I'd been breaking out like mad, he said I could expect for my skin to fluctuate for the first couple months - and then see it clear up in the third month. Argh - I wanted this to move a lot faster!

So, my skin looks pretty dreadful right now. My cheeks and jaw line are just breaking out like crazy - but I've stopped popping until the pimples emerge in whiteheads. I only have one active cyst on my jawline which seems to be going down slowly. Even though I seem to have many more pimples than usual, pretty much everywhere from my ears to around my chin on both sides, they seem to be smaller - and not really deep cysts. So maybe things are improving. All other side effects, T-zone, etc. remain status quo.

Also, I finally got my period yesterday! A week late - but this may account partly for why I have been breaking out so badly for so long. Now that it has started, I'm hoping that things will start to clear up. My skin only seems to get really bad right before. So hopefully by my next period, things will be looking much better!


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