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Giving holistic one more shot



Haven't written a blog for a while. Mainly been posting.

I've used epiduo for a month now. I think I was using it wrong. I'd apply it all over my chin at night, even the places that weren't broken out. In the morning I couldn't face the day without some kind of spot treatment to protect me. So I would dab small apounts of epiduo onto the active spots.

I read yesterday that Retin A shouldn't be over used - it irritates the skin and makes it more sensitive to breaking out (I hope I wrote that right...?) and I wondered if I might be doing the same thing with the epiduo.

So this morning I washed my face with Clinique Acne Solutions soap bar, then I waited for my skin to dry. Then I used freshly squeezed lemon juice and applied it all over my face like a toner with a cotton ball. I didn't dilute it so it did sting slightly. When that dried I put Cetaphil Moisturiser on like usual and went to work.

Current Status: Broken out. About 7 active spots, can't remember how many dying and baby spots there are at the moment. Big step back after all my epiduo progress. It's kind of gotten progressively worse since last Friday.

I do want to start treating the red/purple marks and scaring. I had held off on this before after a bad experience with BioOil. I heard that Turmeric is really good for helping scarring. Last Friday I mixed lemon juice with turmeric powder and a little water and applied like a mask to my face. I left it on for half an hour then washed off.

I haven't noticed any improvement yet but my skin was stained yellow. I had to wipe it away with a towel for ages.

I also read that consuming Turmeric is very good for lots of different things including acne and scaring. So I put one tsp of powder into my hot water and lemon slice this morning. It tasted really unpleasant. But I washed it down with water and didn't leave an after taste. It didn't stain my tongue or teeth so that's good.

I'm going to continue using Epiduo at night and lemon toner in the mornings and see how I get on.

Also I have a derm appointment on the 12th August and I'm going to ask for Accutane. I think enough is enough by now.


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