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Day 13



Day 13

You guys, I want to quit.

LOL, but do you think after all the tests I had to go through and crap my parents had to go through just to get me this medication, they'd just let me quit because I'm not happy with the condition of my skin at the moment?

No. -__-

Alright, so. Gonna be a big girl now.(: Oh and! Tomorrow marks two weeks in. WOW.

As of today, my skin has become dry, flakey, and extremely itchy. (I really wanted to roll around face down in a pile of grass yesterday.) Not just the skin on my face, but on my arms as well. (But I'm thinking that may have nothing to do with the accutane. Probably just a new sunscreen I've been using.) I have to apply moisturizer more than once a day. After a few hours of applying moisturizer in the morning, my face starts to feel a bit uncomfortable. BUT HEY, no more shine! YESSSSSSSSS! :wacko:

Another thing. I have several breakouts scattered all over my face. Mainly on the tops of both of my cheekbones, sides of my face, and on the center my forehead. Same issue with the area in between my nose and mouth. I'd never gotten acne there up until recently, and let me just say. It's not attractive. At all. There's also one SOMETHING (I have no idea what it is. LOL.) on the side of my nose. It's not red, and it's not visible, but when I touch it, it's almost like a bump and it's sore. :L

My lips. They're killing me. I forgot to take lip balm with me out yesterday, (How dumb am I?) and I almost died. Haha, not really, but I wasn't having fun. xD

When is this going to start looking better? Why do I feel like month 2 is going to be even worse? >:[


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