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A Week Before Tane & Introduction




I'm totally new to this site as have only developed acne in the last three months. So a little bit about myself ... I have had the worst year ever in my life with so many things happening to me personally and professionally, and I think it all became too much so has come out on my skin. It started off at Christmas with work pressures, and then my grandfather passed away in February. If I thought that was bad my partner of 11 years then left me a week later for someone else and I am now bringing up our two children. So to say that life has been challenging this year would be an understatement!!

However, just when I thought things couldn't get worse, I developed severe acne all over my chin, upper lip and left cheek - literally within the space of a few days. It is awful, and despite being on Dianette and Oxytet (antibiotic) since May, nothing is clearing it up. New spots are emerging and my skin is the worst it has ever looked. My life has pretty much come to a stand-still, and my friends are getting fed up of constantly asking me to do things but me making excuses. I don't go out anywhere unless absoutely necessary (i.e. work and school runs) and avoid being in public places. I wear thick make-up now when I do go out and constantly have my head down - this nasty disease has totally stripped me of my confidence. The worst of it all is that I met this guy a couple of weeks before getting this breakout, and we had a fantastic time getting to know each other. However, during what should be the 'honeymoon' period, I develop this, so the relationship has taken a bit of a dive because I won't do anything. He's stuck around for the moment, calling me most nights and seeing me every few weeks (I'm paranoid when I see him) but I'm not sure how much longer he will.

My family are very supportive but my parents (who are the one's that have been by my side this year) are really worried about me starting Tane - especially with the depressive symptoms. They don't want me to go on it which is making me more skeptical, but my view is that if it clears this nastiness up from my face, it will be worth it. Some people have told me to 'get a grip' and 'think of people who are worse off than you' - easier said if you have a glowing complexion and not a pizza face!!

I saw a Derm about a month ago who ordered blood tests, and I'm due to go back next Tuesday with a view to starting Tane. I'm at my lowest at the moment, so I'm hoping things can only get better. However, I'm absolutely bobbing it about the initial breakout that everyone keeps talking about .... do you know how long this will last and whether Tane clears up existing acne/scarring? I've decided to start a blog to record my progress (well, hopefully progress!), so that I can see how far I am coming along. I've heard acne gets worse on Tane before it gets better, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've learnt some people (friends) can be very cruel without even realising, and the only person who is going to truely get me through this horrid stage in my life is myself, through determination. So I am looking for some support from you guys out there - who hopefully understand how I feel.

Speak soon! x


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