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Day 13 of Accutane



Hi everyone :naughty:

I think I spoke too soon.....I woke on Saturday (23rd) and had two or three new small spots, one under my eyebrow which is really sore!! Also, a cystic spot that ive had for about 4 weeks anyway seems to have gotten even bigger! I'm looking forward to that one going down I can tell you!

My lips now are really dry and skin on the actual lips is starting to flake off. Having said that, I have been using Aquaphor a lot (like every 15mins) and after a while the skin becomes soft again.

I have noticed over the weekend that after applyng my moisturisers as usual, the skin around my eye area and the sides of my nose sting like mad!! I don't know why exactly but I have to wait before putting my mascara on due to the fact my eyes stream for about 5 minutes!

This morning my eyes were burning and stinging (unsure why) and my nostrils were really itchy and sore. I blew my nose on the train and saw a bit of blood on the tissue, but not a full blown nose bleed. Bit worrying as ive never had a nosebleed in my life....

Other than that, I feel well. No aches and pains. Happy in myself. Just hoping spots will go away!! :wacko:

Nic xx


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