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My Skin Without Acne.org



Alright so it has been about 10 months since I last posted on this blog. Since then, I have re-ordered the regimen kit twice. I order the 16oz of the cleanser, treatment, and moisturizer. Dan's products have truly kept my face under control; I love it.

I ran out of the regimen products during the end of June. I couldn't re-order right away because my parents usually fund my acne.org orders, and since it was summer and it was the month of graduation, their money went to paying for my parties, graduation, plane tickets, my gas, etc. Anyways, the point is that I went approximately 1 month with NO regimen; this made a total difference! Honestly I thought that my skin would be fine because I've been using the products everyday for months now, but IT WASN'T!

My skin without Dan's regimen:

more oily

there's little bumps everywhere

big cystic pimples pop up, especially during my periods

Ugh it was so frustrating. I went for months without my skin hurting, and now I have pimple popping up everywhere! It's ridiculous. Usually when my skin is on the regimen, 1 or two MANAGEABLE pimples would pop up close to my period, and I was ok with that. Now giant pimples that HURT pop up. I went through 2 cycles of my period without the regimen. During the first cycle, a big cystic pimple popped up on my right cheek. It didn't go away for two weeks and it got infected. It was very painful to was my face, and I couldn't wear sunglasses because my pimple was THAT big. The worst part is that it left a discolored purple scar. The second cycle, another cystic pimple grew by my right eyebrow, on my forehead. It wasn't as bad as the worst, but it was comparable.

Usually stories end with happy endings so this is mine:

I FINALLY got to order the regiment TODAY! Thank goodness!

I ordered the 16 oz cleanser and treatment and 2 AHA+.

I'll keep you posted after I receive my order, and start using it again!

What was it like when you didn't use the regimen?


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