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Day 3 in No Washing Experiment



Just so you know, the reason that day 1,2 and 3 have all been posted within a couple of minutes of each other is because they are from a written diary that i began writing when i started this experiment. Today really is the third day however and things are looking up.

Skin has still been oily. ALL pimples seem to have just dried up and become 'scab like'. They are less red but there are still just as many of them ( i would say, after counting half the pimples on my forehead which came to 45, that i have at least 100 pimples on my face. Small ones, but still lots of them. ) It is mainly my forehead now that is oily, the oil on my cheeks, chin and nose seem to have died down a bit.

The whiteheads that popped up on my second day are now no longer whiteheads - not sure where the puss has gone though.. instead they seemed to have dried up and become scabby like the others. So quick????

A spot that was coming on my chin yesterday and that normally would have erupted into a huge whitehead by now seems to have shrunk and seems (touch wood) to be going on its own.

The pimple i squeezed :naughty: on the first day is now only a 'pinprick' sized dot instead of the red, inflamed, re-infected mess it would normally be by now if i was still washing and using products.

Fingers crossed :wacko:

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