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AHA+ - Day 59



It seems like I'm on the verge of having used AHA+ for 2 months! Yay, for once I have been determined enough to actually use a product for more than 1 month, despite the ups and downs.

I think these two months have been worth it - I have made mistakes along the way but at the moment, my skin is quite ok to be honest. I still don't like my skin that much but at least it is better than it used to be.

Okay, so what I have noticed this week - my skin texture not only feels smoother but it looks smoother as well. I'm not kidding, only a few weeks ago it looked like my skin had sort of been "ripped" (I had some patches on my skin; it looked like some parts of my skin had been peeling way too harshly while the others hadn't) so I guess, when it comes to AHA+, little is DEFINITELY more.

The thing I'm worried about, though, is my chin. Now, I thought the fish oil pills were the reason causing the pimples in my chin area but it seems like that wasn't the case. I think that skipping the fish oil pills has, nevertheless, helped, because the pimples appear slightly smaller. But the question is -- what is really causing these pimples? They only seem to be appearing on my chin area, otherwise my face is rather clear!

I went on to try and NOT use AHA+ on my chin area. The improvement has, yet again, been very subtle. I'm assuming that these pimples might not be caused by Dan's AHA+, though, because I had them already before starting to use it. It just feels like whenever a pimple goes away, another one pops out. And that happens only in the chin area, making my chin look really nasty. I came to think that maybe this chin acne is caused by bacteria or a fungus but I guess I will wait a few more days to see if some products aggravate my skin or if it actually is something worse than that.

I'll probably contact a doctor next week if this keeps going on - the chin acne has been bothering me ever since.. May? I cannot remember anymore. It's just sad that my face appears a lot worse than it actually is just because of the red marks & active zits in the chin area. Like I said, otherwise my face is looking and feeling quite clear (well, my T-zone is still oily but that's just something I'll have to deal with. My main goal is to get rid of pimples and red marks, after that I will focus on the oiliness.)

Btw, I have been admitted to university! I'm really looking forward to this experience but at the same time I'm quite worried because of the fact that my skin looks bad. I want to feel confident in this new school and with the new people I'm going to meet, I just wish my face would get at least a little better before uni starts... :/

Anyway, I guess I'll be blogging again next Sunday! See you!


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