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Acne is finally clearing up?



I haven't had a break-out for a month now. I don't know if this means my acne is clearing up or what. I am so happy that i wake up and not find a new zit on my face =) Its feels weird, but good! However, I did have a big cystic spot on my chin, but i put some BP on it and it went by the end of the day!! A miracle?? Looking at my face now, I'll say that I'm 99% cleared!! I haven't got any active spots, but i have got lots of marks left by previous spots. I got it especially on my chin, and cheeks, hopefully they will fade soon...

I think my diet, 8 hours sleep, not stressing, keeping my hair off my face, not wearing any make-up, taking zinc and omega 3 supplements, not touching my face, drinking lots of water and green tea, doing lots of research on acne. These have all helped clear my acne... I think. Its different for everyone, and I turn 17 next month, so maybe it time my acne stopped?

Good luck.


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