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Hello :D



Okay um... Hi

I am 15 and I am not very self confident :S. I feel I would be if I didn't have acne. I started getting acne when I was 12 I believe, it wasn't bad though, just like one or two. Now im 15 and its progressively gotten worse :D. It is mainly in the area around my hairline (lower part) I noticed that a lot of people tend to get it there. It concerns me because it is leaving dark scars and its starting to spread more towards my cheeks and I now have around five on my forehead x.x. I do pick at them sometimes but I try not to :/. I have also realized that my skin has gotten much more oily since the summer started which is why I think its gotten worse :naughty:. I wash my face everyday with this acne stuff when I first got it, it worked very well now its starting not to work and my mom keeps bugging me about it and thinks I don't wash my face everyday but I do. Acne makes me feel very ugly I dont even wanna go out side or to the store sometimes ~ I feel like people are just staring at me. I just want my acne to be gone. If acne were a person it would definitely kill it >:U. Okay so if you could help me that would be marvelous and you would make me the happiest girl in thee whole entire world well... in Georgia at least... i just sneezed... okay yeah I'm going to stop typing now I'll post some pics of muh oog-lah acne soon :wacko: okay yeah HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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To stop acne from forming on your cheeks try changing your pillow case every week. Drink lots of water, green tea and lemon squeezed into water. Try your hardest to not touch your face, get enough sleep every night, use a moisturizer, get some sun light. (I swear by these little changes, it really helped me) P.S I have had acne since I was 10 and I am 16 now, its stressful, but it will go. Good Luck honey x

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